Sushi has become a staple in modern dining but in the midst of our busy life, having a leisurely sit down experience is often not an option. As native Angelenos, we know that time is of the essence in this, and every other, city. We wanted to create a way for you to be able to enjoy quality food without missing a beat in your daily schedule. From this, our love of sushi & Hawaiian Poke, our purpose was found: to provide fresh, fast Poke without sacrificing taste, health, and quality.


Our journey with fish began in 1990 when Yanagi Sushi was opened in the heart of Northridge, CA. It was one of the first restaurants to bring sushi to the locals and stands to this day.

What is Poke?

Poke is a raw salad served in Hawaiian cuisine.
We have taken this classic dish and put several twists to it. We use tuna, salmon, albacore, shrimp, octopus, scallop and tofu with different mixtures including seaweed, onions, kale and more to create a fresh, light, delicious meal.
So come by the Poke Bar and give yourself a treat!
Make a good day. Go Poke!

Keep it Healthy

Fast and convenient food shouldn’t have to mean giving up on healthy eating. We want your Poke meal to be just what you want, and in order to do so, we offer a customizable meal so that you can pick and choose to fit your needs. So put a little quinoa or kale into your Poke meal today and feel satisfied without the guilt!

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